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goHappy is an app designed for small groups of close friends and family to share and communicate without the stress and chaos of group messaging. goHappy is an oasis for people weary of traditional social media’s toxic drama and unhealthy habits. When your groups are using goHappy, they’re also participating in a movement of people who believe in authentic, calm and private social media.

What You Get

  1. Private space for your group to be together online.
    Think about the groups of people you share life with. Maybe they’re together under one roof, or maybe they’re many miles apart. goHappy connects groups from two up to a dozen or more. Think about friends and family on that group text thread or email chain. With goHappy you can create private spaces for each group.
  2. Organized topics for focused sharing.
    When you have your group or groups in mind, the next step is to think about the types of things that connect everyone. What are your shared interests and activities? With goHappy you can make streams (kind of like TV channels) for special topics: Travel, Recipes, Music, Movies, Inspirational Quotes. Anyone in the group can create streams and post messages.
  3. Simple, fast and fun conversations with photos and video.
    Think about the photos and videos you want to share with your group. Maybe these are things you wouldn’t post for the world to see on Facebook or Instagram. With goHappy, everyone in your group can share life as it happens in a calm and organized way on any device in real-time.
  4. Zero ads.
    Unlike other social media services, goHappy does not rely on advertising or selling your personal data to make money. We’re able to provide our platform to everyone in your group free of charge for now. Subscription packages will be available for group founders for just a few dollars per month in 2019.


Default Stream

Screenshot shows the basic layout of the goHappy app with some examples of different types of content.

You’ll start on a stream called “Life” (of course, right?). In some ways, a goHappy stream should look kind of familiar if you’re used to Facebook and Instagram feeds. What’s different is that the most recent stuff is at the bottom (and shared only by people in your group), similar to the way text messaging works.


Screenshot of the app's toolbar that sits at the bottom of the screen.

The toolbar at the bottom is where you’ll find ways to share messages, photos, and video. You can also search within the stream by keywords and catch up on all the posts across all streams in your group.


Screenshot shows how to access stream settings from the menu in the upper right corner of the app.

Group creators: At the top right of the screen tap the gear to invite people, access stream settings, group details and edit your profile.

Group members: Only group creators can invite people to join. Members can update stream settings, group details and profiles.

Screenshot shows how to configure stream title, a description, colors and background photos.

On the stream settings screen group members can change the topic name and description and customize the color or add a background photo. This way, each stream you create can have a different look.

Pro Tip: Try Unsplash to find fun, high-quality background photos online - they’re free.


An example of a group with four streams: Life, Travels, Memories, and Gardening

Tap the "go" logo in the top left of your screen to reveal your list of streams. Click the Plus icon to add another stream. Scroll down to see a list of group members and get help from our friendly support team.

Catch Ups

An example shows three post summaries, which include thumbnail photos and an indicator to show which are new or unread.

The bell icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen will take you to your catch ups. Here you’ll find a list of everything happening across all streams in your group. When you’re done catching up, you can clear the notifications. It’s like emptying your inbox. Ahhh.

Challenge: Create Some Streams

A rocket ship in an icon style

Think about some topics that might be interesting and relevant for your group. For example: In one family group you might have streams for the cute pet and things like music and books. What streams will you make for your group? Create another stream or two.


Messages and Replies

A bundled conversation shows a photo and caption grouped with replies from other group members.

Messages shared in goHappy are similar to texts. When you post to the stream, everyone in the group will see it right away. If group members are not online, then they’ll receive a notification based on their chosen settings.

Replies work a bit differently in goHappy because they’re bundled to create a cohesive thread. And when someone replies to an older thread it refreshes the whole conversation.

Reactions and emoji

A link is rendered with a preview: an exhibit about Matisse at MoMA.

Want to show some love? Respond to any item within your group with our own customized emoji reaction. Just click that heart icon...

A screenshot of the emoji button next to the reply button.

...and select as many emojis as you like. Because sometimes all you wanna say is: Hamburger. Clown. Rocket ship. Palm tree. Poop. Smiley. Smiley.

Sharing Links

A link is rendered with a preview: an exhibit about Matisse at MoMA.

Anyone in the group can spark a conversation with a link, which goHappy will convert into a preview.

On the you can even share links, photos and video from your phone’s share menu. Just add the goHappy app to your list of sharing options.


Group members have four options for receiving notifications:

In-app - which you can opt-in or -out of on your phone
Text messages - we’ll send you texts when there’s significant group activity
Email - we’ll send you a summary of what’s going on with your group
Nothing - you can opt-out of all notifications and participate nudge-free

You can mix notification methods as you like. Access your preferences on your profile screen.

Move Conversations to Topic Streams

Screenshot shows a menu expanded on some content shared with the group. The options are Transfer, Edit and Delete.

You can move anything in one stream to any other stream. Simply access the menu by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select the topic stream where you’d like the conversation moved.

Challenge: Prepare Your Group Space

A rocket ship in an icon style

Give your group something to talk about when they arrive. Share an inspirational quote, a link to a music video or article, or just say hello. And be the first to reply when someone in your group shares something.


Share Photos or Video

A photo album with 3 images. The cover photo is artist Alma Thomas in her studio.

Add photos or video from the camera on your phone or from your desktop. Share a single image to spark a conversation. Or share multiple images to create an album - just give it a title. Group members can also add photos and videos to any album.

Gallery Mode

The photo of Alma Thomas in gallery mode shows zoom controls and a way to navigate to other pictures in the album.

Tap any image to view full screen. And you can swipe to see more of the album.

Challenge: Share a Photo or Video

A rocket ship in an icon style

Skim through your camera roll. Anything there you think your group would like to see? Share it to any stream. Or if you find several good ones create a quick album.

Pro Tip: If you have photo prints in frames or in albums, use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the photo and share it with your group. This is a fun way to showcase images the rest of the group maybe hasn’t seen in a while.


What Group Members Can Do

Group members can create new streams, share media and participate in conversations - but only the group’s creator can invite people to join and remove them.

Private Invitations (for Group Creators)

Private invitations are accessed from the group details screen.

When you’re ready for people to join the group, simply send each person a custom message and your special key code. New group members get a short intro to the goHappy app before arriving into the stream.

iOS and Android: Select people from your contact list to send invitations by SMS or email. Alternatively, you can also select "Copy to clipboard" to paste your invitation in a group text or into a social media feed, for example.

Web: You can copy the message to your clipboard and paste the message, key code, and link (in one big text chunk) into any messaging platform or email. You can even print it and share by actual mail, paper flyer or even carrier pigeon (not recommended, but possible).

Adding Groups

A brightly colored screen is the starting point to create a new group.

You can create as many separate groups as you like. Maybe one for one side of the family, another for work friends, and another for a club. Navigate to your groups list and select “Add Group” at the bottom of the list. Follow just a few quick steps to configure your space, then invite new people to join.

Challenge: Invite People to Your Group Space

A rocket ship in an icon style

Think about a group of close friends or family in your life who have some challenges with group texts, social media noise or email threads. Create a group space for them - then share a link to goHappy in the channel everyone can usually be found.


iOS and Android

Download the goHappy app from the App Store and from Google Play.

Web and Desktop

The app experience is available on the web. Sign up or sign in.