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goHappy is designed for small groups of close friends and family to share and communicate without the stress and chaos of group messaging. Join your group to experience calm, authentic, and private backstage social media.

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What's goHappy?

With goHappy, everyone in your group can share life as it happens in a calm and organized way on any device in real-time. Think about the groups of people you share life with. Maybe they’re together under one roof, or maybe they’re many miles apart. Maybe you're in a group struggling to manage confusing text threads or email chains. With goHappy you can have private, focused spaces for groups of two, a dozen, or more. With goHappy you can make streams (kind of like TV channels) for special topics that connect everyone: Travel, Recipes, Music, Movies, Inspirational Quotes. Anyone in the group can create streams and post messages -- including simple, fast and fun conversations with photos and video.

Is the app free?

Yes! The app is free for people joining a group. Unlike other social media services, goHappy does not rely on advertising or selling your personal data to make money. We’re able to provide our platform to everyone in your group free of charge for now. Subscription packages will be available for group founders for just a few dollars per month in 2019.

How do I join a group?

You should have received a nine-digit code from the person who organized your group. It will look a bit like this:1ab2c3de4

Copy and paste the code into the app to access the group space. Key codes are unique to each group, and you won't need to use this particular key code again.

Can I create a new group after I join?

Yes! You can create as many separate groups as you like. Maybe one for one side of the family, another for work friends, and another for a club. Navigate to your groups list and select “Add Group” at the bottom of the list. Follow just a few quick steps to configure your space, then invite new people to join.

What if I need some help?

Our friendly support team is ready to assist! Get in touch