One million times better than group texting.*

* This is a conservative estimate.

goHappy is the antidote to chaotic group texts. Radically reduce noisy notifications. Radically improve focus and organization. Communicate on any device in real-time. Zero ads.

An example of goHappy with photos of a woman navigating a climbing wall and a display of colorful running shoes
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goHappy is an easy-to-use, convenient, and engaging private social platform for groups.

An example of stream topics: Life, Training, Inspiration, Music


Keep communication and sharing organized by topics and focused threads. Create albums of photos and videos collaboratively.

A screenshot depicts real-time messages are bundled in a thread.

All devices and platforms

If your group has some people on Android, others on iOS, and others on desktop, then you know the pain of keeping message threads cohesive. With goHappy, everyone has the same experience across all devices.

A screenshot shows the summary of activity in a typical group


Follow the action across topic streams and groups at a glance. Get notifications in the app, by email, SMS or opt-out of all notifications and participate nudge-free. It's up to you. No FOMO.

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Also available on the web.
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Five (more) reasons to switch from group texting to goHappy

  1. goHappy is designed for group communication. Create private social networks for your different groups: close and extended family, college buddies, neighbors, book club. goHappy is optimized for sharing with smaller, intimate groups.
  2. goHappy is private and includes everyone. Only invited group members can access messages on integrated Android, iOS and web apps. Enjoy peace of mind that your group's space for communication, sharing and collaboration is secure - and that people on different platforms are in the loop.
  3. goHappy is an oasis for people weary of traditional social media’s toxic drama and unhealthy habits. Unlike certain well-known, addictive social media platforms optimized for advertising (cough, cough), goHappy is designed for a calm and healthy experience.
  4. goHappy does not sell advertising or personal data to make money. We’re able to provide our platform to everyone in your group free of charge for now. Subscription packages will be available for group founders for just a few dollars per month in 2019.
  5. With goHappy, everyone in your group can share life as it happens in a calm and organized way on any device in real-time. Think about the photos and videos you want to share with your group. Maybe these are things you wouldn’t post for the world to see on Facebook or Instagram.