Fantasy Championship Belt

Is it us, or is it getting a bit drafty in here?

Walk into your favorite sport bar — or “family restaurant” that happens to have lots of TVs, as you call it once you have kids — and there are posters begging you to book your fantasy football draft at their spot. Go on social media and you might see pictures of last year’s league winner peacocking with the trophy, championship belt or whatever glitzy hardware you’ve chosen to adorn upon your league winner.

And if you carefully listen, you can hear friends and family members dropping the names of potential fantasy team names into your casual conversation for your approval: “Russell Wilson Phillips…?” “Gisele Bündchen’s Plus One…?” Yes and yes!

You’re also likely to start getting bombarded with fantasy football articles and content, such as, “Who is the Best NFC East Tight End Handcuff?” and “The 17-Step Guide to Picking a Kicker.” Yawn. We’re not here to prognosticate sleeper fantasy draft picks. After all, we have totally disproportionate number of delusional Buffalo Bills at goHappy (Tyrod Taylor for MVP!) But we do know a bit about getting together, and from our experience, scheduling your fantasy football draft can be more frustrating than playing the waiver wire while balancing one of your kids on each knee.

Scheduling Fantasy Football Drafts the Old Way

Being your league commissioner is no fun. You’re a planner, an accountant, and the defacto fun police, wrangling up participants, league dues and complaints. Scheduling is a particular stress, especially when you have a league of 10 to 12 people whose lives are chock full of jobs, youth sports games, and late-summer travel plans.

Looking at everyone’s schedule together is usually akin to eyeballing a maddeningly difficult Tetris game. If you’re conducting an old school offline draft, getting all team owners in the same bar or basement is critical. If it’s an online draft, it’s possible to draft remotely, but it’s much more fun to get everyone together to gloat and commiserate over pretend football clashes from the days of yore. Note that you may also only have certain times your draft provider (ESPN, Yahoo,, etc.) has available, so the sooner the better.

Scheduling Your Fantasy Football Draft with goHappy

When to schedule your draft

This is where goHappy can be the MVP, giving you access to convenient date polls that optimize draft attendance. Here is your gameplan…

  • First, download the goHappy app (Currently available for iOS; Android app is coming soon).
  • Next, simply suggest some dates. Note: you’ll want to make sure your draft is scheduled before the opening Sept. 7 Thursday Night Football tilt pitting the Pats against the Chiefs. (Bonus points for adding an image of a previous year’s draft to get everyone pumped up.)
  • After you plug in a few dates, you’ll share the poll with league members, either by selecting (and/or adding) the appropriate contacts to vote for their favorite dates or creating a link you can easily share with a group email. Folks won’t need to download a thing.
  • Finally, simply lock in the best date and you’re good to go. Participants will receive a note about the date and time, as well as a reminder. If someone has to miss the big night and their auto-drafting doppelganger selects Tim Tebow with the first pick, it’s not your fault. You didn’t pick the date, everyone did. Get it?

Huddling Up After the Draft

With the exception of the one or two team owners who never set lineups, the draft is just the beginning of the fantasy football season. goHappy allows you to not only add pics from the draft, but also all season long, as well as running commentary. So if you lose your big rivalry matchup in week 8, and have to wear a Mark Sanchez New York Jets jersey to work, your friends should absolutely take a picture and create a “butt fumble” meme out of your likeness. If you're last season’s champion but are getting skunked this year, you should absolutely stage a backyard burial of your championship trophy or belt, and post it to your goHappy Moment. If someone gets lazy refreshing their roster with active players, it’s your job to shame them with revealing screenshots. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’s just a bunch of people staring at their computers playing pretend football by themselves.

This is your year! Probably not to win it all or even be competitive past the season’s halfway point, right? But with a little help from goHappy, you’re going to nail this draft. And your moment of glory begins… now!

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