Make a goHappy Plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Chamber of Commerce president rallying meeting attendance before a key vote or your local running club’s CMO (Chief Mileage Officer) organizing training for a half marathon. No matter what your mission or make-up, your organization’s success is largely built on your ability to get everyone together at the same time and place — and even preserving these moments for as long as possible.

At goHappy, we recognize not just your need to make this happen, but also the sense of purpose and satisfaction your members derive from getting together for fun, business or to make the community a better place.

We would like to take a few moments to talk you through why goHappy is worth a second look and how it can help create get-togethers that click and moments that stick.

Why goHappy?

Reflect on your usual thought process for scheduling an event with your organization’s members. Often times, it comes down to looking at your calendar, guessing at a date you think may work with others, tossing it out there and hoping for the best. There is a better way. At goHappy, we’ve created a more democratic means of getting together, one that drives attendance and member satisfaction. With our date polls you can suggest multiple dates for invitees to vote on, see which dates are most popular, and then confirm the date for everyone. Date polls are easily shared by selecting from your existing contacts or by sending a link — and invitees don’t even need to download a thing. Your members can even suggest new dates and add comments. Plus, the memories made at these events instantly transform into moments that live on as easily accessible shared photos for members-only viewing. Now think again about how you’re scheduling get-togethers today. Doesn’t goHappy sound like a step up?

How goHappy Works

Here is a quick rundown of how the goHappy features and benefits we discussed above actually work, accompanied by some helpful screenshots from our iOS / iPhone app:

  1. First, choose to create a plan.

    Give your plan a name and select some potential dates (and times) for your get-together, meeting or event (Note: if you already have a scheduled date for your event, meeting or get-together, then you just select that one date. Bonus note: If you have synced up your calendars with goHappy, you’ll see your other events populated in here, providing you up-to-date availability.)

    Select Dates

  2. Once you have your dates, add location details and pertinent notes.

    Now is also a perfect time to add a photo — maybe a shot of your last get-together — to create a more compelling invitation and get folks in the sharing mood.

    Start a Plan

  3. Create your plan and then either add invitees synced up from your existing contacts or create a link that can be copied, texted or emailed to an existing contact list.

    Share Your Plan

  4. Here is how a goHappy date poll appears when it arrives to invitees. Looks inviting, right?

    Date Poll Voting

  5. Once folks vote on the poll, you can see their availability and confirm the date.

    Lock in a Date Lock in a Date

  6. Then it’s time to add comments and photos — before and after the get-together.

    Add Comments and Photos

Easy, right?

Who's using goHappy?

One of our favorite parts about working on goHappy is the sheer diversity of folks we’re helping out. Here are just a few of the types of groups and people already using goHappy to make get-togethers unforgettable.

  • Civic and business groups: Including Chambers of Commerces, Rotary Clubs, entrepreneur groups and more
  • Meet-up groups: From runners to beer drinkers, and book readers to amateur photographers
  • Sports teams: For coaches and organizers who want to maximize player attendance
  • Church small groups: To coordinate one-off get-togethers, from prayer groups to bible studies and food drives
  • Neighborhoods: For organizing yard sales, BBQs, HOA meetings, etc.
  • Girls' weekends: For reuniting with friends from high school, college and other stops along the road of life
  • Companies: To organize work events such as holiday parties, team outings and offsites, etc.
  • Parents: For organizing kids’ bday celebrations, playdates, pool parties and more
  • Friends: For planning everything from going-away parties to fantasy football drafts and happy hours
  • School groups: To organize fundraisers, PTA meetings and more

Do you think you’ll give goHappy a try? Great! You can download the iOS app here or visit our site to learn more. And be sure to let us know what you think or ask us any questions along the way.

Good luck with your next get-together! Actually, you won’t need luck. You have goHappy :).