Supper club

I love the quote - “One of these days is none of these days.”

I find myself saying “one of these days, I’ll do X” or at least thinking it in my head fairly often.

And, I love that quote because it really makes me think through whether I REALLY mean it when I think about or say - “One of these days I’m going to do X” - like the family trip to Italy we’ve been talking about for years, helicopter skiing (definitely have to get this scheduled!), doing a triathlon (I’ve been saying this for the last 8 years and still haven’t done one…), heading to Napa with our supper club friends, etc.

That simple question of “Do I REALLY mean it” helps me put those “One of these days” into 1 of the following 3 buckets:

  1. “Yeah, that would be cool but I’m really never going to do that”
    • For these things, I just forget about them and don’t even keep talking about it - obviously, none of us have time to do everything that seems a little interesting. And, frankly for me, the simple act of putting them into this bucket is a little bit of that “ahh” feeling I get when I clean out my garage - it’s decluttering of my brain (which needs all the help it can get).
  2. “Yeah, I think I want to do it but am not ready to actually do what it takes to commit to it.”
    • These are my Somedays - kind of my Idea list of things I want to do at some point, but for whatever reason, I’m not ready to take the time to actually plan to do it (e.g., doing a triathlon). One thing with these though that I’ve found to be helpful is to periodically go back through them - some aren’t relevant anymore, and I put into Bucket 1 (and thus forget about them), some I want to keep as Somedays and am not ready to get scheduled (Keep in this Bucket 2), and then some move into Bucket 3, which is always a ton of fun!
  3. “Yeah, I definitely want to do it, and I need to start planning for it now!”
    • These are those things that I REALLY do want to go do. Some (make reservations at the new cool restaurant in town) are easier than others (plan a trip to Napa with 5 other couples). But, the cool thing about this bucket is that if the answer to that question of “Do I REALLY mean it?” is yes, then it forces my butt to get into gear and actually get it scheduled! And, because of that, we’ve done some pretty cool things that we wouldn’t have otherwise done. It puts this cool kind of onus on it of “Ok, if I really think that’s something I want to do, then when am I going to do it?”

Thankfully, one of the guys in our supper club, moved our “One of these days, we’re going to Napa as a group” into Bucket 3 in the fall of 2016 (and he just happened to use this cool new app called goHappy - ever heard of it?😀). And, guess who is going to Napa with 5 other couples in just a few weeks? The countdown is on!

So, what are your “One of these days” and what buckets would you put them in (and hopefully there are some that go into Bucket 3 immediately! If so, create a Date Poll and get them on the calendar!)?

And, thanks, Matt for putting the Napa trip into Bucket 3 for our whole group!