We should catch up

“We should catch up.”  Really?

How many times have you said that in the last month?  And, how many of those have you actually done?  If you’re like me, my batting average would relegate me to the Farm Leagues - and that’s being generous. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we should probably put those “We should catch ups” into 2 Buckets:

The ones you really mean and would love to make the time to do; and The ones you say but you’re totally fine if you never do… So, below is a little nudge meant for those in Bucket 1 that you just need to make the time to do!

  • Think back to one of those “we should catch-up” conversations or emails from the last month that you actually want to make happen.
  • Pick one that you actually want to go make happen - in February.
  • Reach out to that person and get something on the calendar with them - (clearly we would be totally fine if you wanted to use the Date Suggester to find a time that works!)
  • Go have fun!

As Robert Waldinger says, “The good life is built on good relationships.”  Here’s to strengthening at least one of those in February.  And, for those that fall into Bucket 2, let’s just save ourselves some guilt over needing to say “we should catch-up”; the other person probably feels the same way you do.:)