Exciting news

We are very excited to announce that we are rebranding DieHappy to goHappy!

goHappy logo

As many of you probably know, the primary focus of the app from the beginning has been to help people do things in real life; in fact, we’ve had nearly 5 million shared experiences in the app in the last 4 months.

And, as we’ve listened to our awesome users and how they realize the most value in using the app, it is in “easily planning to do things with people”. So, we’ve made the decision to reflect that in our name and branding with the focus on “Go” - i.e., “Go” do the things that make you “Happy”!

So how has the app changed as part of this update?

An updated activity feed - and now you can create a plan right from here

Plan from feed

Planning made easier - all your plan info on one page

Planning easier

Quickly and easily invite all your people

Adding people

Everyone can add their photos faster

Adding photos

And now you can create photo products with all of the pictures

Photos from moments Photos from multiple moments Photo store

We have a new app icon. Once you update the app, all of your info from DieHappy will still be in the app!

Photo store

These are just some of the improvements that we’ve made, so we hope you check out the new version of the app. Thank you for being part of the goHappy family and please shoot us a note with any questions, feedback, etc. at talktome@gohappyapp.com - we love hearing from you!

We have tons of other new improvements coming soon - more to come on that.

Shawn and the goHappy Team