down in the keys

I often get asked about the goHappy app and I hear things like, “I need you to show me how to use it” or “Can I get a tutorial?” While I am more than happy to accommodate those requests, I thought it might be easier to start sharing how I use the app on a regular basis! It really is SO simple, and just like anything new, you just have to start using it and you will quickly realize how easy, fun and important this app will become to you! (That might be a slight lie because I have tried and tried to use Snapchat and I can’t figure the darn thing out.)

So, what is one of the ways I use goHappy? I will give you an example of a recent girls trip to Key West. (And by recent, I mean I just got home 3 days ago, and I think my husband fully expected me to be nice and rested, and I feel like the Walking Dead). So back to Key West.

There were 11 girls going on this trip and this was our 20th year! We all went to college together and we get together every MLK, Jr. weekend so that it is ALWAYS ON THE CALENDAR. (I think we are pretty brilliant to do it that way.) So when we started planning where we wanted to go for our 20th year, which is also the year we all turned 40, we knew we wanted something special (we are usually sitting in our PJ’s at Lake Gaston for 3 days). So we started a plan in the app, which has a super easy group messaging component to it. Once we settled on the location, we started adding links to Airbnb houses, hotels, restaurants, our flight itineraries, etc. It was SO nice to have everything housed in one location. But one of my favorite things that the app does was around the anticipation that was built as a result of all of our group messaging and constantly seeing the Key West pictures when I logged in! Anticipation is literally half of the fun!

The group photo sharing is definitely one of my other FAVORITE parts of the app. Just the 11 of us were on this plan/moment, and when any of us took a photo, we could all add them in ONE PLACE. We no longer had to worry about who took what and can you text that to me? And my favorite, “that better only go in goHappy, not on Facebook!” Personally, I love knowing that all of my photos are saved, stored and organized in one location, and not just stuck on my camera roll taking up storage space. The app brings my moments to life in a fun way that is easy to recall, relive and share. (I did share my own Key West moment with my family so they could witness some of the fun. :))

In my next post, I will talk about my other new favorite feature - the “Date Suggester”!! Talk about simplifying life. It’s the best.