I know there are already 8 gazillion articles out there about creating goals – especially during this time of year.  

And if you’re like me, you look at most of the articles fairly cynically. If it’s something that a “self-help” person has written, then maybe they hope that you’ll buy their book or attend their conference or something.  

But even though there is a lot of “cheese” out there around the whole subject of goal setting, I still think there’s a whole lot of value in thinking about what you want to do this year, with whom and by when.  

In essence, that’s what life goals are to me.  They should be fun.  And they certainly shouldn’t be overwhelming at all.  They are your ‘Fun Life Plans.’

As with most things, one of the hardest parts is getting started. So, for whatever it’s worth, I’ll give you just a few of my quick thoughts to get the ball rolling:

  1. Create a few “Buckets”.  These are just areas of life that are important to you, whatever they are - some quick examples are: 1) Family; 2) Friends; 3) Health; 4) Trips & Adventure; 5) Hobbies; 6) Financial; 7) Spiritual; 8) Community; 9) Learning; 10) Professional, etc.  Whatever you’re passionate about, create your own “Bucket” for it!  Just write down a few initially.
  2. Write down one thing in one Bucket for January.  Just to get started, write down one thing that you want to do in just one of those Buckets this month.  As an example, if one of your buckets is “Family”, then write down one thing you want to do for a specific family member this month (or with the whole family) - it could be a simple call, a note, a dinner, whatever!
  3. Share it with someone and put it on your calendar.  Share this thing (now a Plan) with someone and then put that Plan on your calendar.  If your Plan involves doing something with someone else, then you obviously are already sharing the Plan with someone.  But, if it’s something just for you, it still helps to share it with someone - there’s something about telling someone else you’re going to do something that ups the ante.  And, one of the most critical things is then put it on your calendar!  If you’re like most folks, if it ain’t on the calendar, it ain’t going to happen!  Treat that Plan just like you would a work meeting (assuming you actually do those!).

If this looks interesting, give it a whirl and give us your thoughts.  We’d love to see everyone doing at least ONE thing in January that they really want to do!