Time with my friends is like the best kind of therapy. Planning it…..not so much.

I’m at a busy phase in my life. Between the obligations I have at work and at home, it doesn’t always leave a ton of time for spending time with the people outside of my day-to-day life. Most of my friends are in the same boat. Trying to align our schedules for time together is a nightmare.

Last year, after my college girlfriends and I volleyed dates back and forth with no success, I got frustrated and put together a spreadsheet with every weekend from that point through the end of the year with rows for everyone to fill out what their weekends looked like. They laughed (at me) a little but I thought we had finally found a legit way to get something on the books - until one of them couldn’t access it from their work computer, then someone else saved a separate file and I had to remerge them, etc. etc.

We joked about how ridiculous it was that we had gotten to the point of spreadsheet planning our girls’ weekends, but still we never got it scheduled. Life got busy, We forgot. Another YEAR passed by, before one of us sent out another feeler and I dusted off the spreadsheet for us to start all over again. This go-round was not without it’s glitches, but we finally managed to get something planned even though we were one crew member down because of work constraints.

better way to plan
The endless string of emails going back and forth

better way to plan
The spreadsheet (in all its glory) and additional emails and texts we still had resort to!

Sound familiar?

We hear things like this from so many of the people we talk to when we’re doing research for goHappy. It is HARD to make plans when you’re busy adulting. Too hard. So one of the things we’ve been working on has been focused on making this process easier, because who couldn’t use a little more time with the people they love, amiright?

Our latest release lets you suggest a few dates that work for you and share with your friends so that they can vote or add their own suggestions. Voting happens either in the app or on the website (for folks that don’t have the app). Once you’ve landed on a date, you confirm it, the invite goes out and gets added to your calendar. Voila!

better way to plan

There are other things that play into it like being able to easily see your calendar commitments while you’re trying to select a date, commenting directly on the plan so everything is one place, seeing who’s voted on which dates, or everyone adding their photos once the plan happens - and there will be more to come as people start making plans and we gather feedback about what could be better. Our hope is that it’s at least easier than the painful back and forth most of us experience now because we all need something better.

By the time my friends and I finally got our dates nailed down, I was hard-pressed to even remember how long it had been since the last time we saw each other. Because of the work I do here at goHappy, I dug back through my emails out of curiosity. 3 YEARS. It had been 3 years since I had seen some of my very best friends.

I used to see these girls every day. Over 4 years, they became my family - knowing the ins-and-outs of what was going on in my life (good, bad and ugly). They know me - and thankfully, they love me anyway. I don’t know the details of their every day anymore, but they will always be family. And time with them is good for my soul. They are a window into myself that reminds me who I was before I had anything to worry about but me.

Being with the people we love and being reminded of who we are is something we probably all need from time to time. THAT’s why we’re doing this - so it’s a little easier to spend time with the people that matter and remember what’s important to us.

Want to give it a try? Download the iOS app (Android coming soon!).