Phone down

“Put your phone down, Daddy.”  I suspect for every time my kids say that, they actually think it another 5 times and don’t say it.

I used to be pretty good about putting my phone down as soon as I walked in the door in the evenings until the kids went to bed.  Now, not so much.  As a company, we’re working on an app.  And, that app obviously is on my phone.  Which means I want to be looking at it all the time. I love what we’re doing as a company.  We’re pushing out new releases constantly.  There are questions that need answers quickly.  We’re getting the beta in more and more people’s hands and they’re giving us feedback, which I want to see and respond to quickly.  Heck, we’re a start-up - there’s stuff happening all the time (and if not, that’s an even worse thing!).

Add to that the fact that with part of what we’re doing, we’re allowing people to more easily privately share photos.  So, I’m constantly using our app to do that.  Which is great.  Until you hear “Daddy, put your phone down.”

The other night my daughter actually said “Daddy, I don’t want the app to be too good because then you’ll be on it all the time.”  That came right after “Daddy, put your phone down.”  That one stung.  

Now, I hope it can be both - that I’m not on my phone all the time and that the app can be great!  But, if one has to win out, I’d rather my daughter and my 2 boys feel like I’m engaged with them.  That they’re more important to me than what’s going on with whatever that has me so entranced with my phone.