Thanksgiving …. Such a great holiday filled with food, fun, family, friends.  I have so much to be thankful for!! But honestly, before I can begin to be thankful, I am going to be stressed totally out getting ready for said holiday. Who ever thought that just because some young, handsome man comes along and puts a ring on your finger that you suddenly turn into Martha Stewart and can whip up a Thanksgiving feast, decorate the house in beautiful fall décor, and maintain your sanity? I for one friends ….. CAN NOT!! I have been thinking about this for weeks … what I will prepare, who will be coming, what the kids will wear, how  the house should look … and instead of being thankful, I am FLIPPING OUT!!! I tend to stress over details and like things to be a certain way.  I realize that this only makes things worse but it honestly is just the way that I am wired. A bit of a perfectionist!!  I have to make a conscious effort to be calm. I am one of the most easily excited people that I know. This can be good and bad. My husband, on the other hand, is the calmest person on the planet….. It makes me crazy!!! He is never stressed. He is always positive. He is always calm.  This is why God picked him for me …. We are polar opposites. He’s the ying to my yang. He’s the gravy to my mashed potatoes. He’s the calm before my storm.  I try often to think about how he would handle things when I get ‘worked up.’ But not when it comes to Thanksgiving. My husband would be happy with some KFC, football on the tube, kids running around like wild hooligans, balls flying through the house, and not one fall decoration anywhere. That just won’t work!!

So this year in order to maintain some level of sanity I have decided to make a list of the things that typically make me CRAZED …. and flip them around and find a way to be thankful for them.

So here it goes ……

  • A pile of dirty dishes in the sink …. because my belly is full
  • Elastic Waist pants ….. see previous comment about the sink
  • A house FULL of people (with their shoes on) ….. because they truly fill my soul (and I do own a mop)
  • Uncle Robbie clipping his toenails in my recliner … because he is the closest connection to my grandfather that I have left on this earth
  • Traffic ….. because it allows me quality time in the car with the kids (okay that’s not always good)
  • Food Allergies … because I have found some great recipes with alternate ingredients that I never would have discovered
  • Chaos …. because being together with my ENTIRE family happens less and less these days

I know that several things will happen no matter how hard I try to prevent them.  I will say a thousand times  ….”We are going to Nana’s and you are going to behave like civilized people!” I will get obsessed over trying to get a Christmas card picture, since everyone is together and dressed nicely, and my youngest will not want to cooperate and I will most likely shout at him (working on that)! Someone will spill something on the sofa and break one of my favorite dishes. Deep breath in, deep breath out!!!     I CAN HANDLE THIS !!!

Because I also know this …. I will spend some quality time, eating great food, with the people in my life who matter to me the most. I will choose to embrace the chaos, the dirty dishes, the traffic, and the grumpy relatives, because who knows what next year will bring. I will be thankful for the people that God has put into my life and know with total certainty that I am one blessed lady.  I will remember to make memories and to be THANKFUL . Because I truly believe this with all of my heart ……….

 So bring it Thanksgiving ….. I’ve got this !!!!