Relive it!

Pull out your phone and open your photos. Start scrolling back in time and look at all of the cool things you’ve done. If you’re like me, this is going to trigger an emotional reaction as you relive everything you’ve done in the past, most likely with the most important people in your life. So what’s going to happen to all of these images? If you’re like most people we talk to, not much. Does this scenario sound familiar?

  1. Get an alert on your phone that you’re out of memory.
  2. Set a reminder to upload photos and videos to your computer at home.
  3. Upload images to your computer and delete them from your phone.
  4. Images sync to “the cloud”, not to be seen again.

Maybe you’ll upload some of these moments to Facebook to be enjoyed quickly by your 800 “closest” friends (just make sure you’re not one of these people). A year from now you may be reminded of a meaningful moment by Timehop, but this normally produces a brief emotional reaction. At goHappy, we want to help you Relive these moments with purpose.

What does this mean? The closest you can get to actually Reliving a moment is getting out there and doing it, or something similar, again. Most of these images tell the story of the relationships in our lives, and we want to help you be more intentional about these relationships, and to create more moments with them to celebrate and enjoy. How do we do this?

By turning past Moments into new Plans.

We believe that getting happier is an iterative process. According to Harvard Psychology professor Daniel Gilbert, the leading indicator of happiness is the quality of your relationships with friends and family (check out his great TED talk). We hope our app will help improve these relationships by making it easy to Plan, Do and Relive moments with these important people.

As Mad Men taught us, nostalgia is “delicate but potent”.  It’s a great motivator to get you to become more intentional about the relationships in your life. We view our app as a way to “cheat” at being a better spouse, parent, child, friend, coworker, etc. Also, we’ll make it easy to Relive the Moments created by the people who you care most about, because you’ll love the app so much you’ll want them to use it too (or at least we hope so).

Hopefully our Plan It, Do it and Relive it posts have piqued your interest and you’re excited about what we’re doing. If so, make sure to sign up for our limited beta program. We’re only about a month away from the initial version of our app!