How many pictures do you have on your phone, computer, and in “the cloud”?  1,000?  10,000? In the 10 years since the release of the original iPhone (was it really just in ‘07?  What did we do before?), the number of digital pictures people take has exponentially increased.

One study found the average user takes 150 pictures each month - that’s five pictures per day. I’m pretty sure I could make a stop-motion movie of my son’s first year. But, what do we actually do with all of these moments we capture?

For some people, they love to put everything on Facebook and/or Instagram (not pointing any fingers, Angel). For others of us, a more common scenario is to text a photo immediately after taking it - usually to some group with whom you regularly text images (e.g., my parents or my wife’s parents - Note, typically not to both - see “Grandparent Envy” in a future post).

And, what about the people with whom we share these moments - what do they do with them?

For most of us, the likely answer to this question is “nothing”. We look at the picture, briefly get an emotional reaction, then more texts or posts come in and the moment is pushed up far enough where it’s beyond a brief thumb scroll up.

From a ton of conversations we’ve had with people about this topic, we’ve found that so many of them feel like the act of authentically sharing the moments they’ve created has been lost in this deluge of picture taking and over-sharing.  They post an important picture to Facebook (because it’s much easier than texting it to 5 different people). Now that awkward guy they had science class with in 10th grade knows all about their daughter’s birthday party. He’s even nice enough to creepily comment. This moment can get lost amongst all of the noise, and not get noticed (or appreciated) by the people you actually wanted to see it.  

In our previous post about “Plan It”, we talked about the initial app we’re building to help you go create more Moments with the people you care about most.  Another key feature of the app will allow you to quickly categorize and share these Moments with only the people you want to see them.  And, in so doing, making it easy for you and, and the people you share with, to later relive these awesome Moments, aka “goHappy Moments” (more on this next week).

Sound interesting, compelling, exciting (you know, all of the positive buzz words)?  If so, please sign up for our limited access beta program now - we should be launching next month (if not, we’ll give you our developers’ cell numbers and email addresses so that you can harass them as well)!