First day

At goHappy, we don’t only want to talk about the products we are building in order to help you live a more ideal life, we also want to tell the story of our company and people.  One way to do that is to chronicle the daily happenings through “a day in the life”.  The goal is to talk about all of the craziness that comes along with creating a new start-up.  We will talk about our successes and our failures, and the things that we learn along the journey.

There is no better way to start this series than talking about my first day at goHappy.  Having spent nearly 10 years in a highly collaborative work environment with a large team (with a highly diverse skill set), I was curious just how different it would be to join a true start-up.  On day one it was just Shawn and I, and we had decided to work out of his house.  We made it about an hour before we realized that we would probably need to find office space, so with the whole team on board, we decided to find an office that afternoon (and we did - not the most ideal place but it was our office).  This was my first realization that there were going to be many important decisions that we would need to make, and that we didn’t have anyone else that was going to make these decisions, it was up to us.

On this first day we had many other decisions to make as well - how were we going to operate as a team?  What tools would we use?  Who would set all of this up?  We didn’t have an ops team to rely on, so as the de facto “technical” person, it fell upon me to decide things like email, communication tools, website creation, etc.  It was both scary and exciting at the same time.  I had never done any of these things before, but it sounded like fun.  I learned how useful youtube can be for troubleshooting, and just how extensive the support documentation is for google.  Did you know that if you use your site host for emails that forms on your site will go through their default email client and you will need to update your mx records?  I didn’t either, and I still am not sure what some of this means, but I followed the directions and now email works.

I knew that this was going to be an exciting journey and I would learn a ton during the process.  We knew that we had a lofty goal of helping people live happier lives, and that we would need to move fast and learn quickly.  We knew that we would be wrong many times, but hopefully right sometimes too.  The biggest thing that we knew was that we were passionate about the problem we had set out to solve, and confident that if we had the right people working together to build our company and brand that we would be successful.  Stay tuned in to see how we do…