At the beginning of 2014, I had just transitioned out of the CEO role of Snagajob, which I had started and led for the previous 13 years. 

Because I had more free time (or at least more than the previous 13 years!), I wanted to find a more robust and efficient way to be planning for and living a life that I was super excited about (check out “Shawn’s Story” for a little more background on that whole train of thought).  Something that wasn’t as manual as what I was doing then - putting goals into Google docs, needing to then put them into my calendar, remembering to come back at the end of a month and checking things off, remembering to share certain ones with other people who I needed to share them with, etc.  And, I wanted to see new ideas - what were other people doing to live this way.  And, ideas of things they were doing in these various “buckets of life.”

So, I started searching for tools to help me do that.  There are a ton of apps, sites, analog tools, etc. that are in the “life planning space” and even more broadly in the “self help space.”  But, none of them resonated with me in terms of being an interactive simple tool that helped me think about, plan for, live and celebrate those things in life and with those people in it that are most important to me.  And, that seemed like a big gap to me.

It’s a pain point I felt.  And, as I then started talking to a lot of other people about it, I realized that it’s a pain point that a lot of people felt.  That their life was going in a gazillion different directions, and they felt like they were super busy but they didn’t feel intentional.  They either knew they weren’t living the way they wanted or they were unsure if they were.  And, they would love to have a tool to help them.

By the end of 2014, I had started to work on a prototype of what it could look like.  And, by March of 2015, Nick Jester joined me as the first full-time team member (Nick and I worked together at Snagajob for nearly 10 years, with Nick leading our Product Management team; and just an awesome guy!).  Now, we’re up to 4 of us, and we’re cranking hard on the MVP.