Fuel your most
important relationships.

Authentic, calm, and private communication and life-sharing for your family and close friend groups. Zero ads.

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Give yourself (and your groups) some seriously social superpowers.

Navigate to each discrete group


Create private social networks for your different groups: close and extended family, college buddies, neighbors, book club.

Streams organize discussion topics into focused channels


Keep communication and sharing organized by topic. For example: Life, Travels, Music, Inspiration, Books, Movies.

Create albums of photos and video collaboratively


Share life as it happens with integrated videos, photos, and albums. Everyone in the group can contribute. Zero ads.

Messages post in real-time on iOS, Android and the web

Real-time Messages

Instant messaging without the usual group text chaos. Threads are bundled to preserve continuity as conversations unfold over time.

Private invitations

Personal Invitations

Only invited group members can access integrated Android, iOS and web apps. Enjoy peace of mind that your group's space online is secure.

A feed of updates tells the story of what you missed since your last visit

Calm Catch Ups

Follow the action across streams and groups at a glance. Get notifications by email, SMS or in the app. No FOMO.

The Private Social Platform for Groups

An icon representing interconnections

Authentic and Real

Create space just for the people you might have over for a dinner party. goHappy is optimized for sharing with smaller, intimate groups.

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Private and Inclusive

Group access is by invitation only. Communicate seamlessly across iOS, Android and desktop computers.

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Calm and Easy

Unlike addictive social media optimized for advertising, goHappy is designed for a calm and healthy experience.

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Also available on the web.
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Our mission

To help people build good relationships so that they can live happier lives.

Although we create digital products, our hope is that we’re doing so to enhance the quality of your life outside of the device in your hands. We believe that happiness is largely built on good relationships. We hope that we can facilitate you doing just that.